Unleash Luxury and Thrills: Jet Skiing and Yachting Experiences with All Access Miami

Memorable Miami Boat Day Charter to Key Biscayne with Vice Yacht Rental!

Explore the Charm of Key Biscayne:

Join us on an unforgettable journey to the charming Key Biscayne, just six miles off the Miami coast. This island community is a beloved destination for boating, fishing, and water sports all year round.

Vice Yacht Rental – Key Biscayne:

Discover the beauty of Key Biscayne with Vice Yacht Rental, your perfect companion for an exciting day on the water.

Highlights of Your Charter:

  • Nixon’s Cove: Cruise by the historic site of President Richard Nixon’s “Winter White House.”
  • Virginia Key Beach: Explore a pristine, naturally preserved beach listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Rusty Pelican: Dock at one of Key Biscayne’s finest waterfront restaurants, The Rusty Pelican, for delicious fish, seafood, and refreshing drinks.
  • City Skyline: Enjoy breathtaking views of the Miami city skyline from the water.
  • Lighthouse: Witness the beauty of the lighthouse that adds to the distinctive charm of Key Biscayne.
  • Sunset Cruise: Experience the magic of a sunset cruise, creating unforgettable moments on the tranquil waters.

Key Biscayne’s Beauty:

Key Biscayne attracts boaters with its unique beauty and well-sheltered anchorages. Sailboarders and kiteboarders frequent its shores, taking advantage of the ideal sailing conditions. The journey to Key Biscayne treats you to stunning views as you traverse Biscayne Bay under the Rickenbacker Causeway, reaching the pristine Crandon Beach Park in the northeastern part of the island. Crandon Park features three miles of white sand beach and a sandbar, a favored anchoring spot for all Vice Yacht rentals. On the opposite side lies the venue for the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament and Crandon Golf Course.

Your Key Biscayne Adventure:

Explore Nixon’s Cove, soak in the history at Virginia Key Beach, and savor the culinary delights at The Rusty Pelican before heading back to Miami.

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